Safe rules for V3 Beta

I recently upgraded from 2.4 to 3, then went to the 3 beta to deal with VPN issues.

I noticed, however, that the rules in V3 didn’t include a “Block All” network rule.

So, I’ve downgraded back to 2.4 because it feels safer.

Can someone confirm whether the v3 beta was indeed safe to use with its default set of rules? I use a lot of public wireless networks and don’t want to risk my notebook if the settings for the V3 beta are insecure.

I actually put a “block all in and out and log” rule at the end of all my applicationn rules. You need to remove it before and replace it after every new program you add to your Network Policies, but makes me feel safer and I usually edit the Comodo generated rules anyway. The other alternative is a “block all in” at the end of your global rules (which was part of my 3.0.14 default) , with an “allow in” for each specific exception. If you reinstall 3.0.14 be sure you don’t do an update-the updater is broken and will take you back to 3.0.13. :wink: