'Safe Programs' List

I feel that more programs need to be added to the default safe progs list. Things such a Windows Defender, all major Anti-Virus programs (that need to update…), Windows Live Messenger etc…


Currently, Comodo is working on the next version of their firewall, CFP3 so they won’t do any updates for 2.4 (at the moment). Also, since CFP 2.4 uses cryptographic signature, it means that the Comodo team needs to make a new safelist every time a program is updated, which would be at least once a day for Comodo’s safelist!
For example, if you have Firefox and update to Firefox, CFP 2.4 would think it’s a new application, since it doesn’t have the same cryptographic signature. Same applies if your Antivirus is current version and updates to


So in version 3 they wont have cryptographic signatures, I thought it was helpful when it warned you that the program had changed signatures, will they implement something similar to that in the new version?

There is a list called My Pending Files in v3. The My Pending Files list is generated for files that have been created or altered. It contains new, modified or deleted files. If you have run a MS “patch Tuesday” update you may see “modified” beside some system files, if they are altered to fix the security vulnerability being patched. If you install a program, you will see a list of “new” .exe .sys and .dll files that have been installed. You then have the option of just removing the files (ignoring them), moving them to the “My Safe Files” list or moving them to the “My Quarantined Files” list. You can also “Purge” the list which removes deleted files. The Remove option is my most used choice, since it allows the HIPS to generate rules governing the action of the program when it is run.