Safe or Malware?

CIS 6 latest detected the below mentioned file today on Win 7 64

Safe or Malware?

Hi naren,

The file you have submitted to us found to be malware.


Why do you think it is safe?

I asked Safe or Malware coz the file is in offcial Java folder in App Data & app. 3 months old & I think related to Java version 6, its in a folder named 6.0.

CIS manual scan detected it today i.e I ran full scan.
CIS RealTime doesn’t detects it.

The file is in C:\Users\Home\AppData\LocalLow\Sun\Java\Deployment\cache\6.0. There are many folders in the mentioned location, most are empty, couple contains the same type of file. So it seems safe & related to older version Java 6.

This file is in the same folder with the detected one (the folder contains 2 files only) & this one & the file mentioned in the first post have same names except this one has .idx at the end.

Thanks for clarifying.