Safe Mode

Of the anti malware programs I have on my HD I only have noticed that Windows Defender is the only one that has a defense module running in Safe Mode MsMpEng.exe

Wondered if anyone else had found anyother antimalware program that runs in safe mode?

One is enough if it is the right program, hoped the next BoClean might, so I could uninstall Windows Defender.


Well, Since Safe Mode only loads Windows Services on startup (Whole point off Safe Mode to resolve problems), Windows Defender is a Microsoft Product, I don’t think any other Anti Malware product can be loaded on startup in safe mode by default.

Correct me if I am wrong.



There shouldn’t be anything except the necessary services, drivers and processes running in Safe Mode. Let’s say that BOClean could run in Safe Mode. What would you do if BOClean caused a BSoD? Then it would also render Safe Mode useless. So you would need to use XP Recovery Console, or reformat.
As Josh said, Safe Mode is for diagnostic only, it’s not meant as your normal everyday mode.



         I understand and respect that concept, but will [i]malware authors[/i] now and in the future  do the same?

         What was the reason behind Microsoft allowing part of Windows Defender to run in Safe Mode ?


They have already done it. My bro’s PC has some system files infected by malware and safe mode with the usual on-demand scanners like SAS couldn’t wipe out the root source :o

The whole point of safe mode is not running these things. It’s pointless to argue that in safe mode you’re vulnerable, of course you are, but you don’t use safe mode to surf the web. Antimalware programs are the most troublesome ones potentially, if you make them run in safe mode you can as well remove safe mode as a feature, it’s the same thing.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that WD running when in safe mode is a bug and will be fixed.

I was wrong about Windows Defender being the Only anti malware program running in Safe Mode.
For the past several days been running several programs both normal and safe mode and also online scanners.

To say the least it is time consuming and frustrating with cookies and false postivies but because different items are discovered with different scans. SuperAntiSpyware only had cookies, and Bit Defender had the most questionalbe false positives.

Reinstalled SpywareDoctor Starter Edition from Google Pack and noticed that if I did not turn off its Guard the icon was in the deskbar after startup in Safe Mode.


Windows Defender and Spyware Doctor are no where near as good as SuperAntiSpyware and Malware Bytes Anti Malware. Both Windows Defender and Spyware Doctor run a back round service that east up your ram. SAS and MBAM are on demand scanners and use no back round service.

I only reinstalled SpywareDoctor for another scan after the Vundo incident.

I have not updated to the new firewall, waiting till August or September to compare the Suite with the main firewall with features added. The Suite will be lighter but wondered if the results will be identical?

I hope that each Comodo product will recognize each other and automatically compensate resulting in less cpu usage

Because of this the only item SuperAntiSpyware does not offer in the Free version is a Guard similar to what is found in SpywareDoctor and Spyware Terminator.
Had been using SpywareGuard but deleted it because at the time I felt with one of the two products above that I was using at the time SpywareGuard was not needed.

Even though it has been years since SpywareGuard has been updated, I might reinstall, and then using services.msc close both the above but update every few weeks to keep them ready when needed.

Also am using OpneDNS but wondered about a secure Host file for added protection. There are several different ones available.

About Wndows Defender, since some malware also run in safe mode thought I would keep it untill then.
Thanks for your recomendations


You DO NOT need a real time spyware scanner if you use a good av. Free use Avast. Paid use NOD32. Spyware Guard does nothing. Just use Firefox.