Safe mode - is it possible to modify template for Custom ruleset?

I’d like to ask if it is possible to modify template for Custom ruleset created by “Remember my answer” and Allow in Safe mode.

Now when Safe mode is on and unrecognized app tries to connect to internet then pop-up window appears and shows Application, Remote, Port and actions.
If I select “Remember my answer” and Allow, then new application rule is created for this app with Custom Ruleset:
Allow IP Out From MAC Any To MAC Any Where Protocol Is Any
I’d like it to add custom rule which allows only specified remote protocol / Single destination IP address / Single destination port.

(I know that I can create application rules manually but this will make my life easier.)


Try settings: Comodo Internet Security 12 - YouTube
General Firewall Settings, PC Firewall, Firewall Protection | Internet Security

Change alert frequency level to very high.