Safe mode and GUI

Default security level of firewall (Safe mode) pass all outgoing connections!!!
Now I use custom mode.
GUI works slowly.

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Can you Explain your Problem in More Details Please


  1. Installing CIS
  2. Reboot
  3. Default mode of firefall is safe mode (automatically)

I have program for testing firewall (not by Microsoft) - CIS passes outgoing connection in this mode.
In Custom mode firewall show message about network activity of this program.
Firewall must pass only trusted software vendors (for example, Microsoft), but passes all.
I can send this test program (but it on russian language).

GUI problem was solved - after removing all my pending files.

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Actually CIS should not allow only trusted software vendors in Safe mode. It allows all applications from it’s own trusted list. Probably your testing tool is it the list too.
When you get the alert in Custom Policy mode - does it says the test application you use is safe?

I use previous version CIS (but 3.5 too). The program vendor - is not known (in properties is not specified).
In custom mode CIS does not pass in a network the test program and gives out the alert.

I use actual version of CIS and has now executed the test repeatedly - CIS pass connection again!!!
May be, this occurs because software vendor not specified (if it true, then CIS will pass all similar programs).
In Custom Mode Firewall works normally.

You can write me on russian language.

Testing utility URL: _

Could you attach an alert you got in custom policy mode.

Today I updates to 3.5.57. Now CIS automatically adding rule for this testing program (allow all outgoing connections).
I remove this rule, but it recreates automatically again, if policy mode change to Safe mode. If change policy to Custom back, this rule remains. Please fix it.

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See attached file - this is testing program. Run “Test” to check firewall.
Red text message - firewall not pass the test (connection sucessfull, alert is not displayed, Safe and training mode).
Green text message - firewall pass test successfull (shows alert, Custom mode).
Testing executed on Safe and Training mode of firewall.

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Bug with safe mode not fixed in CIS 3.8!!!