Safe lists


I’m new to CFP3.
It has been a bit of an eye opener for me in terms of monitoring threats from IPC, shared memory etc. I’d always relied on a firewall (Kerio v2.1.5) and AV (AVG7). I’d considered myself fairly careful and moderately security savvy!

I’m trying to better understand the approach to using CFP. I have the default setup with both firewall and D+.
I have firewall set to cutom policy and D+ set to safe mode. Can I assume that unless an application has been recognised and configured in D+, it will not reach the stage of being processed at the CFP firewall layer?

Also WRT to the Comodo application safelist.
Is it the case that if a file is on the Comodo safe list, it is simply notifed as so in any popup?
Or will it automatically be treated as safe?
Or is this dependent on selected D+ security level?
Is there any way to search/browse this online list?

Also AIUI, I can augment this list locally by specifying trusted application signers and adding files to my own safelist. However, is it the case that files in my own safe are always automatically treated as trusted?

So far I’m very impressed with CFP3 and the continued smooth running of my PC. This is especially impressive considering the intervention that must be needed to provide such a level of monitoring and protection. Many Thanks.