Safe List File Submission

I have Comodo AntiVirus
After I did a full system scan I got a message popping up in the taskbar saying:

[b]Click here to submit queues files to COMODO LAB[/b] 10569 files remaining in submit list.

First off that seems like quite a lot!
Second, what actually happens when I submit?
Does it upload the actual file itself then scan it on the server?
Wouldn’t it be better to analyse it locally and upload the analysis and a hash of the file?

How long will it take after uploading a file for me to get an update to my whitelist?

I also cant seem to sort the Safelist file submission window by file size or anything other than the default.
I don’t really want to submit any 500MB files!

I cant seem to resize that screen either, which makes it a bit difficult to see what is in the list.

Hi there opticyclic, thanks for stopping by!

That is an awful lot of files to submit, a whole heck of a lot. Unfortunately I don’t have any suggestions to overcome this.

For your 2nd question I believe the actual file is uploaded, rather than it being scanned locally and then the analysis and hash uploaded. It might be a lot more efficient that way and to be honest, I’m not sure why it isn’t. I can ask around and see if someone else can delve deeper.

I don’t believe sorting the safelist submission window by file size is available, though admittedly it might be helpful. Please keep in mind this is a beta version and development on it has stopped. Therefore, a lot of the things you see in it aren’t going to be fixed right now. In the next iteration of antivirus, CAVS 3, which is being developed right now it is probably safe to say it will include an updated method of submitting files and the ability to resize/sort window and files.

As far as the time to get an updated whitelist it’s really hard to tell. I’ve heard everything from a few days to a few weeks, rest assured though Comodo is actually using what we upload to benefit users in the future.


When you installed it, did you allow it to create the safelist?

If not, then every file on your PC would be unknown and would require submission.

One possibility.

Ewen :slight_smile: