"safe-keep" malware warning

When I started Firefox a few minutes ago a warning popped up on my screen that my computer is infected with malware. When I tried to close the warning box, it started to scan my computer until I stopped it. The message came from:
www2.safe-keep.co.cc. I Googled the name but found nothing.

Is ‘safe-keep’ a legitimate company?

NO! it is probably a rouge antivirus.

firefox seems to have this problem with rouge’s compared to opera and dragon, it also locks the page so you cant hit the X to close the browser. you need to empty all cache history cookies ect… that should stop it from loading up everytime you try to launch the browser.

Thanks for the quick replies.

Dumb questions: how would this have gotten through CIS? is there a way to block the website?

CIS wont stop it from a redirecting you to that page unless you are using there dns whitch may or may not catch it. it will block it from installing, if you tryed.

OK, thanks for your help.

The program is not scanning your PC its the website having it look like it is.