Safe Files Error

When in “Pending Files” files found safe are not moved to “Safe Files” but kept in pending. Only after I manually move the files to “safe” will they be recognized and moved by the “lookup/safe” feature. Is this a bug?

BUMP…so this is how it is intended to work then?

Hi, matt49233
There are two types of safe-lists in CIS:

  • COMODO approved safe list, that comes with installation and kept in special database
  • User OWN Safe-list with files that only user assumes as safe

When you perform on-line lookup - CIS consults latest COMODO on-line safelist and all files assumed safe after it are added to COMODO internal safe files database.

When you choosing ‘‘move the files to’’ in pending files dialog you can only move it to YOUR OWN safelist (you can check it in Defense+ → Common Tasks → My own safe files)

But does the files assumed as safe should be removed from pending list? That’s the question. In this way you will not be able to manage the files after the lookup, which is not very usable. It might be changed in some further version, but not this behavior is by design.

thanks for the confirmation…

Firewall Pro 3 used to move “pending” files to the internal list automatically, and I had grown used to it. Other then this little quirk, I’m loving CIS!