Safe File & Process Library


I’m new to comodo and working things out.
I was wondering if there was a safe list or white list I could look at to help me decide weather to allow or deny access to programs and applications requesting access from comodo?

I did the ‘scan for known apps’ I’m assuming that it permits and grants access to safe items only?

The items in question (many are requesting silent access) so far are the following:

if there is a library or somewhere I can look up items and make the decisions myself please let me know. Thanks for the help in advance!!!

Here is a link to Process ID site.

It is a pretty good resource to find out about processes.

I have gone no further than looking up processes on the site.

So I am making NO claim as to the safety or usefulness of any of their
offered scans,repairs or anything else.

Later Bad

A source that I use on occasion is, with their Files and Startup search lists. Bleepingcomputer has a very active HiJackThis analysis and malware removal forum.

Note that in making a decision, that the full pathname makes _the_difference.

For example, svchost.exe is the name of a system file, and is located in %SYSTEMROOT%\svchost.exe. On the machine I’m using, that is C:\windows\system32\svchost.exe. If you see this name in a different path, it is very likely a malware program trying to disguise itself.

update.exe is another example. I have two of these that are legitimate files on my machine. It is also the name used by many malware programs. The full pathname matters.

Thanks for the help so far guys.

here is a few more :slight_smile: :slight_smile: