Safe File or not??

CIS (free version) v4.1.150349.920

I try to add a file to the list of My Own Safe Files but I get the message:
“cbVSCService.exe is already a Safe File”


  1. The file is not listed under My Own Safe Files
  2. The file has no digital signature
  3. The file author is not on the list of My Trusted Software Vendors
  4. I have run the Comodo Diagnostics - no problems found

Can anyone tell me what is happening??

This looks like a problem.

Are you adding this because you get repeated alerts?

Please first reboot then double-check my safe files, and the computer security policy. Delete any entry in the computer security policy. Then try adding it again.

If there’s no joy then look to see if CIS is looking up the file online in the Defense plus logs. It would help if you could post a screenshot of the logs taken say after a reboot.

How are you checking for a digital signature?

Best wishes


If a file is already included in Comodo’s Internal Safe List (which is invisible to the user) you cannot manually add it yourself.

However, you shouldn’t get any Defense+ or Sandbox alerts for it. Are you?