Safe file being blocked/quarantined!!!

Hi all,

Basically I have downloaded a Programme that I know for sure is safe (I’ve used previous version for years), however Comodo Internet Security keeps detecting it as malware…

Now, I have tried restoring and adding it to the exclusions, however it simply won’t let me open the exe file, and when I try to it says something about not being able to follow the path or me not having the correct permission to open it, despite me being the only user on my laptop and of course, being an administrator.

Is there anyway I can stop Comodo locking this down? I have the programme in a ZIP folder, so even when I extract it again it picks up the extracted .exe file, and I have to start all over again, the end result being the same!

Thanks in advance.

Best thing would be to report a False-Positive here
That way the false alert get’s fixed for all users.

Else you have to switch of cloud detection and that might not be what you would like for future protection.

Thanks for the reply, I will submit the False-Positive shortly, however, I (according to my settings) didn’t have cloud detection enabled in the first place!

Any further Ideas on what I can do here?

It’s probably the Defense+ settings ‘Image execution settings’ → Perform cloud based behavior & Automatically scan unrecognized files settings.

Ok, i’ve disabled the cloud based behaviour, but it’s still being adamant that I’m not allowed to use this file…It’s incredibly frustrating, of course.

It seems short of switching off my Antivirus I have little options at this point!

Can you post screenshots of your Defense+ log and AV log?