Safe Delete / Multiple Drives

I just installed and ran System Cleaner. Two groups of questions:

  1. After I ran Registry Cleaner and after I ran Disk Cleaner, a notification box informed me that “Safe Delete” (or something similar) was set and that my computer would need a restart.
  • When I look at Miscellaneous / Settings, I only see three settings, and none of them relates to “Safe Delete”. Is it possible to change the “Safe Delete” setting? If yes, where? Is “Safe Delete” really recommended, or is it just being (overly) cautious?

  • Can I safely run Registry Cleaner, do NOT restart my computer, run Drive Cleaner, then restart my computer, or must I restart my computer after each program? (and the other possibility…run Drive Cleaner, do NOT restart my computer, run Registry Cleaner?)

  1. I have two disk drives on my computer. Does the Driver Cleaner program handle both drives or only the drive where Microsoft Windows is installed?

Thank you for your assistance.

Hello And Welcome

First * You would have to look in the settings of the Disk Cleaner (Open Disk Cleaner > Settings > Here you’ll find safe delete.
It’s a feature where in case you delete something you may recover it (After restart it will ask you to finalize the task it had done (which is the cleaning…

Second * If you do Power Clean, You shouldn’t have to restart multiple times just once…

  1. I believe where Microsoft Windows is. Unless you have a Application installed on Second Drive…

I hope this help’d