SAFE apps

will the next (next week’s) release of COMODO PF have the latest (RC1) version of IE certified safe?
(I notice it’s status is currently showing as “Unknown” which is fair enough since it only came out yesterday!)

do certifications of apps rely on new releases of CPF being brought out, or is there (or is there going to be) a mechanism by which apps’ certifications are updated independently of the firewall install?


I’m unsure whether it will be added to the list but you can always submit the file if your using the 2.3 beta so it can be added to the list.


thanks - what’s the mechanism for submitting a file?

I’m afraid I can’t really remember… I think it’s under the Security >>> Tasks Pane in 2.3.3… I’ve not got it installed at the moment as I’m holding out now for the latest Stable Release next week.


It’s Security>>Tasks>>then 'send file to COMODO for analysis. You can also send when you get a popup, just click the link to it on the popup and it will go straight to Comodo.

Also, apps will be updated independantly of the firewall without having to install a new version. This is available from version


great, thanks for the info

good to hear about independent app updates too!