Safe applications signed by Google Inc.

(Hope I’m posting in the right place. I’m new here.)

I have a recurring problem and I hope someone can help me. Every couple of days or so, I get a Defense+ Alert about different applications, usually ending .tmp.exe. For example gtb9889.tmp.exe. Comodo tells me all these applications are safe but I almost always Block the request simply because I don’t know what these applications are nor why I am getting the request. The problem is that whether or not I Allow or Block, I get these requests so often that it interferes with my work. I can literally get 10 such requests one after another, every couple of days or so and it’s extremely irritating. I’m trying to keep my laptop as clean as possible and I don’t want tonnes of unnecessary stuff.

What should I do? Just Allow everything if Comodo says it’s safe, even if I don’t know what it is? Most important of all, how do I get Comodo to remember my answer (yes that box is ticked) so that I don’t have to do this so often?

I’m using Comodo Firewall 3.8.65951.477.
My laptop is running Windows Vista Home Basic, Service Pack 1, 32-bit.

Recently I clicked on “waiting for your review” then Purge then selected every Pending File and clicked on Remove. I’m still getting these requests about applications signed by Google Inc.