Safari On Windows 7, has anyone used it?

Hi all. A long while ago I tried an older version of Safari with XP SP2, back then it added some other Apple program along with it without user knowledge and it was a resource hog. How is the current version is this still the case adding other Apple software? For Windows 7 users that have tried or use Safari how is the resource usage and performance. All feedback welcome, positive or negative. Thanks in advance and Kind regards.

I was just checking this Topic to see if I had worded something wrong, or just that no one has used Safari seeing I have had no replies. In doing so I noticed it was locked, I’m guessing I accidently locked it.
Apologies to anyone that wanted to reply. All replies appreciated.
Thanks and kind regards.
Edit- reworded sentence

I tried it once but I didn’t like it. I think that it also misses things that other browsers have.

Valentin N

Hi Valentin. Thanks for your reply. I have seen were version 5 was an improvement over older versions regarding standard features. Was it v5 you tried? Thanks and Kind regards.

I installed the latest version on Win XP and even though I unchecked the option to install the “updating software”, I still had Apple Software Update installed… 88) Maybe the default install has two updaters? :stuck_out_tongue:

Safari seemed like any other browser to me. Surprising, because the download page said it was the worlds fastest and most innovative browser. :wink:

Sure… and so is Leopard.

Thanks HeffeD, for your comments. I think they all boast about being faster etc. If you untick something you would think that would stop it being installed, it is not good to get more than expected (I don’t like that idea.) Apple updater didn’t have a good name in the past. I was just looking for possibilities, thanks. Kind regards.

I can’t remember but I will try it on a WM machine that I have installed. That’s also true what HeffeD says and something that I remember after uninstalled.

Valentin N

Hey Valentin, you are very kind with your offer but please don’t waste to much of your time with it.
I could try it, I just thought their may have been someone that already has tried it or used it recently. Thanks and Kind regards.

Check your PM :slight_smile:

Done Thankyou.