Safari 4 Developers Preview

Hi guys. Iā€™m typing this message from Safari 4. :slight_smile: What can I say about it ?
Well this browser scores 98 out of 100 in Acid 3 test :-TU (Opera 9.50 scores 83 and the latest FireFox scores 71) I always liked the fonts in Safari :slight_smile: Any idea on how to make these fonts in Opera ? ;D
Safari 4 takes a whooping 57 mb of space. The memory usage is not as good as in Opera 9 or FF 3, but better than in Explorer 7 :slight_smile: The speed is quite good also :slight_smile:

If you want to give it a try download it from here :slight_smile:

PS. Now Iā€™m browsing for a couple of hours. Just changed it to version 3 ;D And Iā€™m planning on keeping it :smiley: Really fast and as I said before - I like the font rendering :slight_smile: