Safari 3.1 for Windows

Just downloaded Safari 3.1 for Windows and noticed that the Verification Engine does not work in it.

A few months back I mentioned I had conflicts with the Verification Engine in IE7 XP-Home, after Google updated its gmail service and you had a choice of “Old” or new version.
Have since used this link (which automatically starts the “old” version) to start up my gmail accounts and have had NO problems with the Verification Engine.

One of the common replies from the gmail help forum after the gmail update was to blame the plugin which had worked with No conflict with the Old version of gmail, be it the Verification, Engine, or Site Advisor, etc.



You have mentioned that you have used safari 3.1 for Windows and VE does not work in it. The reason behind is that VE supports only the following browsers to work with

  1. IE 5.01 and above,
  2. Mozilla Firefox 1.0.6 and above,
  3. Netscape 7.2 and above,
  4. Mozilla 1.7 and
  5. SeaMonkey 1.0 and above


Reason: Out-Dated post.