s1.tmp marked as mywebsearch by ad-aware & a2free ( - x32 - VistaUAC)

Hello All,

\program files\comodo\firewall\s1.tmp is marked as MyWebSearch by Ad-Aware, A2Free, is this correct and do i need to keep this .tmp file ?

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Its a false positive on A Squared behalf. Other scanners come up with this also.

You can delete that file. It should be a leftover during CFP installation if you chose to not install Comodo Search toolbar with safesurf.
If you look in you CFP folder there should be another one with a tmp file extension.

I didn’t install the toolbar that’s correct, i moved both .tmp’s. if nothing bad happens they get trashed (:WIN)

You can install that toolbar safely and if you don’t like it you can uninstall the Comodo Search using its “Ask toobar” uninstaller.
This way you’ll still get Comodo Safesurf BO protection.

Hi Gibran,

I’m not sure i’m getting it, i am running CFP, CMF, BOClean and i also need the Safesurf BO Protection on firefox ?
I hardly use IE only for the pain in the ■■■ sites that don’t work without.

If you have CMF then you don’t need safesurf.

Thanks, then it’s case closed (R)

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