s1.temp is malware?

I downloaded and ran the antimalware program A-squared. One of the files is flagged was c:\programfiles\comodo\firewall[b]s1.temp[/b] as adware. Is this a false positive on the part of A^2 or is it a form of adware?

The toolbar that is packaged with Comodo comes up as a false positive in many scanners. You can ignore your A Squared find.

You can notify its vendor to fix their detection.

You can download the & Uninstall the old one. This solves the FP issues.

Note: It is a BETA, & Dosen’t yet support Firefox & Opera- But will in future.


I just added it to the programs white list so that is taken care of.

However, today I ran revo uninstaller’s junk file removal tool and s1.tmp and s2.tmp came up as junk files. Are they “junk” files or are they necessary for the firewall?

They aren’t necessary for the Firewall.


OK, but are they important for anything or can they be deleted. I have excluded them from future searches, but Id still like to know.