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What would GeekBuddy do I get a startup message saying “Operating System Not Found”?

He/She would most likely say something along the lines of “more information required please”
Only guessing though.

Please post more information so someone online could possible help?

This does not sound like a Geek Buddy issue to me and for that reason I am moving it to General Discussion.

it depends on if this was caused by malware or not

And if this is in regards to the beta version of Windows 8 that you are running, that OS isn’t supported obviously because it hasn’t even been released yet.

I’ve been curious about this too. If I purchased Comodo, it would be for the Geekbuddy feature. But, if something managed to get by Comodo AV or D+, and I couldn’t get online or it locked up my computer to the point that I couldn’t open Geekbuddy, how would they work to fix it?

Very antique Dell 3000 (refurbished), Pentium 4 processor, XP sp3 and 2G RAM here.

Based on everything I’ve read and the tests I’ve watched (thanks Languy99), there’s only a small chance it would ever happen assuming I did my part, but you never know.

In case you can’t get on line then you are left to your own devices until you can connect to GB.

You can use Quick Repair from Killswitch (part of Comodo Cleaning Essentials) to fix the internet access and then try to connect to GB again.