russian windows updates. please.
ive noticed with my windows update files that a couple of them are written in what appears to be russian or cyrillic in nature.
i only noticed this a few days ago and seems strange.
does anybody else have this happening.?

many thanks.
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Hi DARREN.1972,

Can you please be more specific?
What files in particular you are concerned about?
Are those binaries with some text inside or whole files like documents in whatever format e.g. : <>.txt; <>.html; <>.doc(x); <>.PDF ; etc. ?

Basically, since MS Windows now has practically everything regarding localization / Unicode / etc, and ready to use any language you want - you may find a lot (not only those languages that are using Cyrillic)

If you post a quote I can tell whether it’s in Russian or not.

As for the file names, please state the OS & platform as well.
Were those just the latest MS patches, when you noticed

My regards

hi syberlynx.
sorry i cant be more specific as i was just browsing through files on my computer and just happen to come across was only two wntries and they related to microsoft silverlight.
I cant recall where i actually saw them.
my computer is clean as ive done several scans.
Except something weird happened yesterday.
malwarebytes discovered a trojan by the name of fakems .
I cannot work out how it got on my computer.?
I had scanned with comodo and MBAM and superantispyware the previous day and the results were clean and yet a day later mbam discovered a trojan associated with something called bitsadmin.
do you have any insight on this trojan and how it could have got on my pc.?
The only thing i had done was update java.

many thanks to you.

It may be a False Positive.
Wait a couple of days and scan with Mbam again.
While waiting scan with Hitmanpro.


1) Since you mentioned MS SilverLight have a look into its directory
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight (default on XP)
Current version has subdir C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\4.0.51204.0
and inside are sub-dirs for the languages as I suspected above in my reply
For example , specifically Russian is C:\Program Files\Microsoft Silverlight\4.0.51204.0[b]ru[/b]
And there are files that has at least a description in Russian if you hover over or look at Properties
Say “Библиотека классов среды выполнения” - this is a Run-time library of Classes if you translate
So, those are most likely files you’ve seen

2) as for the names of the alleged malware - stating just the names are pretty much useless. that does not provide any information whatsoever.
Well, sure those could be and indeed most likely are (let’s hope) an FPs.

But why would I guess ??? and refer to MS BITS article just because there is “bit” prefix as SG65 did … I have no idea.
Why that’s not … hmmm… bittorrent or bitstream ?

The only way is to submit to the vendor so they can analyze the code.
In addition the precise names of the detection/ the locations and file names are known to the developers when you supply the report as well.

My regards

BitsAdmin is a Microsoft utility for working with files. BITSAdmin tool - Win32 apps | Microsoft Learn

Hi Radaghast ,

Yes, it could be or it could be not :wink:

That does not provide any answers.

The point was - the info has to be very clear & precise and the flagged item has to be submitted to the vendor … unless the next subsequent updates of the security will bring the fix. But why would one wait ?

More users are submitting faster the fix coming if that’s an FP or the detection confirmed in case it was genuine

My regards

yes i finally discovered where i had seen them.In my trusted files list within comodo.
its just microsoft corporation which is written in russian.
seems a bit weird to me. ru/visualbasics.resources.dll.
i think it may be what was suggested and it is different language packs bundled with silverlight.

many thanks.