Russian Meteorite plus Meteor shower

Today, A meteorite that was several tons in size entered thetmosphere today and smashed windows and injuered a few hundred citizens of russia. They media is also talking about another asteroid passing earth less than 20,000 miles away.

I have yet to see any footage of where it landed (or even information on whether it landed or burned up before it could) … anyone know something about that?

Edit: 12:38, from debris of the meteorite.

As far as I know it got hit with a missile salvo before it could impact
there was mass panic due to peeps thinking it was a UFO…

I think more people thought it was the beginning of a war (compared to people thinking it was a UFO) I mean, a burning thing going through the air leaving a smoke trail and then exploding with a pretty big ■■■■, I’d think war before I’d think UFO, however looking at the videos it was fairly obvious it was a meteor and not a UFO, everyone knows aliens don’t ■■■■■ up.

There’s no possible way they could have hit the meteor with missiles…

Due to the extreme velocities attained when a meteor enters the atmosphere and the extreme heat generated from friction, it’s very common for meteors to break up before they hit the ground. (It is called a meteor until it hits the ground. The pieces on the ground are called meteorites)

Other articles siad they thought is was bombs and a war was starting.

I’m only repeating news articles that have been abound since it happened
Doing my bit for the online conspirators out there :smiley:

This is why UFO,s will not come here as we launch missiles at them.!! >:-D

No missile was launched at it. This has been on all the news channels and a full hour on Discovery Channel.
It did break, with one piece hitting a lake.
A massive sonic boom damaged buildings and destroyed windows, causing many injuries.
This was, btw, caught on many cameras.

An interesting coincidence with the flight of huge meteorite which flew below a geostationary orbit.

It was not hit by any missiles but some nutjob in their political arena suggested it was the US testing a new weapon.

I am just reminded of the passage in the book of Revelation “And I saw a star fall from the sky”. It’s been a very long time since anything of this magnitude has happened. Sooooooo

hitting it with a missle would be an extremely bad idea, it would break up the meteor and all the smaller pieces would still hit us. it would have a shotgun effect, a bunch of small pieces hitting a small area

IMHO the only way to use missile is to change the trajectory of a meteorite before it enters the atmosphere.

Ok we’ve concluded there was no missile
I was simply repeating the news I had heard when this happened
I saw the news flash very early and never got chance to study what actually happened
consider this messenger shot :-X

or stricken by the meteor :slight_smile:

or gone by the meteor! ;D

LOL :smiley:

To Quote shakespeare.“the world is a stage and we are merely actors here.”…Some things we simply do not have control over and we are all at the mercy of nature and the universe. ;D

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