Runtime error Comodo firewall version

The last few days when I have been online, I have been doing something online then ten or twenty minutes into surfing I get a runtime error message concerning Comodo Firewall Pro version This results in the program shutting down and I have to disconnect from the internet out of fear that the program is no longer protecting my computer. Does anyone know about this problem and is there a solution to it? Is the problem with the firewall or with my Windows XP Pro?

Thanks for any help you can give me,


Albertan, I wasn’t getting the same “Run Time Error” message your getting, but here are two things that may help with yours.

  1. If you have “Windows XP SP2 and Free Download Manager” installed on your computer uninstall Free Download Manager.

  2. If you have Add-ons that are running in Inetrnet Explorer you could disable all of them and see if your problem goes away, if it does then one or more of the Add-ons caused the conflict.

To Disable Internet Explorer Add-ons > Click on Tools > Manage Add-ons > Enable or Disable Add-ons > Select each Add-on that is Enable and change to Disable. If your problem went away and find the Add-on that was causing the conflict you will need to Enable each Addon one at a time until the error starts. Once you identify the Bad Addon you can delete it if its not needed or see if there is and update for it that may not have the same conflict. My problem was an out dated "Java console. Hope one of these sulotions will solve your Run Time Error, I know how hard it is to get answers to some of the problems that come with adding software or updating the programs on your computer. I didn’t get any answers or help from Microsoft and after trying everything I did find on the IE Web Site for over two months I found these solutions on a 3rd party tech support web forum.