Runtime Error apparently caused by Comodo Firewall.

Hi, been using Comodo Firewall for 3-4 months now without encountering any serious problems and think it is the best Firewall I have used so far but tonight when I signed in to my PC I got the following warning pop-up.

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error

Program: C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\CPF.exe

This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an unusual way. Please contact the applications Support Team for more information.

Not being very PC savvy I have not a clue what this means. Can someone possibly explain it to me?.

Thanks in advance,

Erm… no, I can’t explain it… mainly because there isn’t enough information. Check the Windows Event logs for any corresponding entries. Also, please confirm which version of CFP you have & what your OS is. Also, did CFP crash? Did you have to reboot? Thanks.

Hi Kail, Thanks for your time. My OS is Windows XP Home SP2 and up to date. My CFP is version and Comodo CADV:3.0.

Yesterday morning I went to Windows update and it told me there was one update for my computer which was an update to Microsoft .NET Framework version 1.1. I tried to install it but couldn’t . It didn’t say why but I think Comodo blocked it.

Since the latest Comodo update I have also had a problem with my AVG Free Antivirus scheduled scan & update crashing my PC at the time it is scanning. It looked like the problem was to do with the AVG update rather than the scan so I cancelled the auto Update and it worked fine this morning.

Last night when I got the Runtime error I clicked on the Comodo icon and it disappeared. I immediately rebooted my PC and everything came up as it should and seems to be working fine so far. Like I say in the previous paragraph this is the first morning since the last Comodo update that my PC hasn’t crashed between 0800-0900hrs while running the AVG scan.

I am 57 and not very PC savvy so appreciate your time.

Hi Bluesjunior

OK, it is very unlikely that CFP would stop Windows Update (WU) out of the blue, unless during the WU operation CFP prompted for a new detected component & you said Deny (did it?). But, you can check if CFP did cause WU any problems by looking at CFPs Log (Activity tab). Note: If you need help with CFPs Log, then the Log can be exported to an HTML file… open the exported HTML file in your browser & then use a simple cut ‘n’ paste to post the entries you need help with here. Please remember to mask-out any private IP addresses that you don’t want made public.

Another way to check what happened to WU is to look at the file C:\WINDOWS\WindowsUpdate.log… however, this Log is a bit complex & you made need help understanding it. Note: This Windows Log is plain text file & will probably contain a Log of all WU’s you have ever done. We’re really only interested in the last WU attempt (unless you’ve run it multiple time since) at the end of the file.

I mentioned before about the Windows Event Log. You can access the Windows Event Log by Start → Run & enter (without quotes) “%SystemRoot%\system32\eventvwr.msc /s” (sorry to do it the long way, but I couldn’t be sure you had the Admin Tools visible). Check both the Application & System logs to see if there are any corresponding (using date/time) entries relating to either the WU failure or the subsequent CFP crash.

PS Please confirm what “Comodo CADV:3.0” is, thanks.

Thanks again for your reply Kail,
I have checked the event viewer and as far as I can make out the problem happened while AVG Antivirus was doing a complete scan and I think I ticked a box that I shouldn’t have done causing some kind of conflict. Anyway since I rebooted my PC last night it has all worked ok so I think I will leave well enough alone.Thanks again for your help and the best free Firewall going.

Comodo CADV 3.0.=

Underneath the version number on my about Comodo tab it says:
COMODO, Certified Applications Database Version: 3.0