runonce.exe connects to internet?

Comodo firewall suddenly announced that runonce.exe wants to connect to the internet. After some research, I was at first not too concerned about this file being a virus. However, based on what I know about this file and what it is intended to do, I am wondering why it wants to connect to the internet.

Should I allow it to connect or should I block it?

Running Win7 (64 bit) fully up to date.

sounds like post installation updating / config

I’d probably allow IP acces but never allow CIS to create a rule for it. Its like regedit, I ALWAYS answer the alert: Explorer wants to run regedit. Its scary to have a user transparent rule allowing that to occur behind the scenes.

In what folder is runonce.exe sitting? Please upload it to Virus Total, have it scanned there and post the url for the test report here.

Yeah! :wink:

If this suddenly appeared out of the blue :o and you haven’t just installed something, or updated some application with its internal update functionality, then >:-D

What Eric said. Most definitely.