Running XP as admin with new CFP3?

Hi all,

regarding how powerful is new CFP and its Defense+,
I am thinking of running my XP box as administrator instead of limited user.

What do you think about this?


I myself am sticking to running as limited (it’s no inconvenience for me anyway), but certainly CFP 3 makes running as admin way more secure than before. Or to put it in another way, if you’re running Windows as admin (like 99 per cent of users), you NEED Defense+. Moreover, if you were using other programs for registry protection etc. (Spybot’s TeaTimer, Windows Defender, etc.), in my opinion you may as well dump them since CFP will do the job and then much more.

I wouldn’t even think about running as admin before CFP3,
despite Spybot TeaTimer, Spyware Terminator and its HIPS…

But now it looks as CFP with Defense+ intercepts every action,
so it gives me feeling of security and I find it running as admin
more convinient.


So theres certain permissions that are automaticly closed if you use the system as a user and not admin ? I mean like different ports automaticly become inactive ?..

Basically it’s about hard disc write permissions, and yes also about terminating certain processes. A limited user can’t modify any files outside his documents or the shared ones, including of course that he can’t modify the Windows files, the registry, and the Program Files. Even if your security is trespassed many malware attacks will fail because they’re stuck inside the limited environment and they get access to disc denied. When installing new software or running other programs that need special permission like registry editors and cleaners, you must be running as admin, but you can do that with no need to log off from the limited account thanks to a certain Windows service.

Ok, thanks for insight