Running Virtualbox in COMODO Sandbox

I just spent a lot of money building a PC for gaming, software testing, and all around general use. Part of that software testing was going to be Anti-Malware applications. However, I’ve been reading some articles online stating how you need to be careful about malware jumping from your VM to your host. Or worse, infecting your actual hardware.

With that said, if I were to run Virtualbox in the COMODO sandbox as fully virtualized and HIPS on “Safe Mode” do you think for the most part I would be safe? I already have a spare router setup that is on a different subnet to prevent malware from targeting the rest of my network. I know that’s the biggest risk. I realize nothing is 100% safe, but my point is, do you think I am worrying too much, am not taking enough precautions, or just asking for trouble?

Let me know what you think.

I don’t really test malware or such but I don’t even know if Virtualbox would work in the FV sandbox, if it does then it might be enough protection but I’d still making full system back-ups just in case.

Thanks for the reply “Sanya IV Litvyak”. I checked, and virtualbox does run in the COMODO sandbox. After doing a little more digging it seems the only way for malware to really escape onto my host would be through an exploit. I figure having it run in the COMODO sandbox also, should be plenty of protection.

Anyone else feel free to jump in and give your opinion.