Running under Win 2003 Server

I discovered that CPF runs fine under Win 2003 Server.
I installed it and after some initial troubles i succeded to let it work fine. I now have it running together with Win 2003 default FW, letting my PC access the net through my ADSL router and also letting it share internet (via LAN and default Win internet sharing) with another PC running XP Pro (as client).
I will now start checking hos safe it is and if it gives problems with other softwares. On my PC I run Web Server (IIS 6), full mail server (Imail 8.x) and several other programs.

CPF runs on Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2003 SP1 as well. It should work with IIS and all other server class applications.

But Server versions of the Windows are not officially recomended versions for CPF. Because server computers have different requirements than desktop computers.

Nonetheless, it should work well.


What does it means “have different requirements” ??
Make an example of a different requirement that could make CPF innapropriate for win 2003 ??
As far as i can see it is working fine, it found server softwares running and asked to authorize them etc … all like sygate was doing. The difference is that CPF pass most leak tests while sygate did not.
Is there any “hidden” major security risk that CPF does not cover in server systems while it covers in desktop ones ??
I understand many server systems have large network configurations, but in my special case my server PC had just 2 network links, one to the ADSL router and one to another PC (a client), used mostly to share internet connection. But this the main difference is that it has server applications running (IIS, Imail etc…).
When do you plan to make CPF “officially” suitable for Win 2003 server ??

When we say the “server computer”, we usually mean a web server, email server or a file server, that may have more than 500 users simultaneously trying to receive services from it.
i dont mean the Server version of the operating system. You can use windows XP Pro to host a web server in which case what i say before is still valid.

Your case is OK. You can even use CPF to protect a medium sized network.

Ok …
so, if i’ve got it, it’s not a matter of OS but a matter of volume of transactions and traffic which CPF is able to handle with decent response time. right ??

Being so, as you stated, I should not have problems since my peak traffic is less than a dozen of users at same time.

By the way, just for curiosity, when I’ve installed it I previously uninstalled Sygate PFP 5.5 (which i was using before) but did not shut off Win 2003 built in FW. I read that it should do this on its own but it did not … my Win FW is still on, working together with CPF and apparently with no problems.

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