Running Two Firewalls

Hi, I’m running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005, I’m the administrator, and I’m also running Panda Internet Security 2007. This includes a firewall. I am very interested in your firewall after hearing about it from Chris Pirillo. My question is can you run two firewalls on the same computer, or would I have to find a way to disable to Panda firewall?


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Chris Pirillo? Do tell us more. :slight_smile:

As far as I know, you can only run CFP with Windows XP Firewall (the built in one), any other firewall will conflict with CFP at driver level (if disabling… you must disable all the drivers). Nasty. CFP hates all other firewalls equally, its not biased at all. ;D

…is a bad idea to your thread title.

Welcome to the forum, Dale.

Why bad? 99% chance of conflicts. Aside from XP firewall, even if you disable other firewalls like Panda, it might still conflict because the driver(s) might already be loaded.

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ok, that makes sense since I recall them “advising” me to turn of win xp firewall. Oh and Chris - yeah, it was in his blog I think…either that or new york times - calling it quote “the best firewall I have ever seen…” thats how I found you guys.

thanks for everything

To be fair… this is not by design. XPs Firewall is only tolerated by CFP because it is not good enough to get in the way. Sad, but true.