Running two anti spyware products together

Hi, I would be grateful if anyone could help with these two queries:

I have just downloaded and installed BOClean to try it out and to see what, if anything, it has to say about a file called ‘bdod.bin’ which has suddenly appeared on my machine. I have “googled” this file and there seems to be some confusion about it. Some people say it is a trojan, others that it is a rootkit and still others that it is nothing to worry about as it is part of BitDefender. Does anyone here know anything about it? I have tried deleting it but it reappears the next time I boot the machine along with a file called ‘o.log’ (or it may be 0.log)

My other query is that I also have AVG anti spyware 7.5 which I have neither un-installed nor shut down. Are BOClean and AVG likely to conflict with each other? I will remove one or the other in due course when I settle for one or the other.


do you have an antivirus beyond AVG Antispyware?

Any way try to submit “bdod.bin” and any suspect files here:

I would do also a scanning in “safe mode” with Spybot - Search & Destroy and SUPERAntiSpyware (free software):

Boclean do not any problem with AVG and can coexist.

After clean, If you have not installed an antivirus I suggest to install Comodo Antivirus, it’s excellent!

Hi yeiazel, thanks for your reply. I will follow your suggestions and let you know what happens

Thanks again,