Running from script without gui?

I want to be able to run backups using the scripting capability, as outlined in the help using: C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO BackUp\CBU.exe /script “ "

The backup runs fine using this method, however it also launches the gui, and does not close when finished. I have to click the “finish” button on the gui. Is there a way to lauch the script so that no user interaction is needed? I want the script to run with no user logged in.

In an unrelated bug, I was working with the self-extracting executable. If you hit the cancel button on the extraction dialog, it does not cancel.

Nobody? OK, let me phrase the question another way.

Is it possible to run an unattended backup without having any user logged on? Specifically on Windows Server 2003 and 2008. And if so, how?

I do find the behavior a little strange though. If you need to interact with the gui anyway, why on earth would you even bother to try and run from a script? ???

You need to add /silentRun command in the script.
To run it while logged off, you can set it to run using windows task scheduler and select the “Run whether user is logged in or not” option


Thanks! That works perfectly.