Running Foxit Reader asks for permissions

Some Windows applications have become quite annoying when it comes to upgrading, installing, or merely running them. For instance, whenever I run Foxit Reader on my Windows 7 machine (running Comodo Firewall 5.10), I get 3-4 dialog boxes from Comodo about internet access as well as Defense+ activities (something about changing the registry). It’s been like that for the last two or so versions of Foxit Reader, and it’s quite annoying.
Similar thing happens to Dropbox (3 dialog boxes, or even more if I don’t choose “trusted application”).
Any idea how to fix this (other then completely disabling Defense+, because I already have quite a lax policy there; or checking the box to remember the choices)? It’s strange because this is a relatively new thing – seems like the newer versions always try to do something that Comodo think is critical. The absolute winner in annoyances is installation/upgrade of Freemake Video Downloader, which tries to change registry probably several dozen times (even checking the box to remember settings doesn’t help there).

Foxit may not be on the Trusted Software Vendor list. That means that the executables will have to be whitelisted each time they get updated.

You can make a rule for Foxit in Application Rules of the Firewall and Defense + Rules of D+ that way you will bypass the white list.

Does Foxit digitally sign its executables then you could submit a request to make it a Trusted Vendor in Submit Applications Here To Be Whitelisted - 2014.

I found FoxIt on the trusted list in version Is it different in 5.10?

I would expect it to be on the trusted vendor list in 5.10 as well. Sometimes companies have more than one signature; names of the signatures will (slightly) differ. You could double check that.

Other than that either add Foxit to the TVL yourself or make a Defense + rule.