Running Firewall without Defense+


If I ran Comodo Firewall 2013 with Defense+ Completely Disabled
Would that Firewall definitely provide stronger security than my current firewall (Windows 7, 64-Bit, native firewall)?

If “Yes”: In what Specific way would the Comodo Firewall Without Defense+, be better than the Windows 7 64-bit firewall?

Thirdly, would Comodo Firewall Without Defense+ have an impact on my computer’s performance?

Thank you for your assistance!


If your firewall is set to filter INgoing AND OUTgoing traffic, its more safe than a one way firewall.

Even with enabled defense+ the impact on peformance should be low/not there.
Actually i used defense+ to reduce the necessarity of having an antivirus set to high grade. So saving performance.
The antivirus of comodo is a bit more demanding than what i am used to.

Note: A firewall is only as good as the setting that you make.