Running Comodo Internet Security 2012 And Avast! Pro 8.0

Hi, I’m Back… I’m 1/2 joking but the worst thing I could have done is to start reading all the posts here.
For 2 days I’ve been reading about running Comodo and Avast. I’ve gotten lost in some really technical stuff, and it seems the more I read the more confused I get.

My story is I’ve been running Comodo and Avast for the last few years, with a few hick-cups. One the computer slowing to a virtual crawl when I have both antivirus’ running… the other something about Avast def files not being trusted. My solution was to turn off Comodo Antivirus… although I have it still auto updating… and every once in awhile I manually “Trust” the Avast def files… Result… Computer working normally. I “think” all is working well… was happy with the setup and the protection. Fast forward to today… am doubting the combination of the 2 programs relating to all the conflicts I have read about. I wonder if things are slipping in. Every once in awhile I do get an alert about a malicious website… the site gets blocked… I have not ever been infected… I followed “How To Know If Your Computer Is Infected” and got 2 files which were questionable. I trusted them as I knew what they were, and they were OK.

I have 2 questions… One… Where can I go to test my system. I don’t want to Google it and go to a link that really puts some malware into my system ! I would like to see how well my protection is. If I get a green light… I’ll leave well enough alone. If I don’t like the results I will probably run ONE system… either Comodo, or Avast (leaning towards Comodo).

I did read a thread which was posted here from the Avast forum. It was a list of settings in both Avast and Comodo to get both systems working together. I tried to duplicate his setup. I found avastsve.exe and avastui.exe to trust in Comodo… but could not find Avast.setup. So I bailed on the setup…

Like I said my xxxxxx head is spinning… ENOUGH !!! I just want something to work !!!
If I’m “ranting” I apologize… Need Some Direction Here !!!

Never run two real-time antivirus applications on the same system. You need to either use the antivirus component of CIS or use Avast alongside Comodo Firewall. Running both together is very likely to cause problems, system slowdowns, and possibly a decrease in your actual security.

I install comodo without antivirus.
I install avast. To replace an usual antivirus, i disable all extra shields, as i just need a scanner that scans what i am about to start. Disabled webshield, IM shield, etc… … kept system/data protection shield.
Default deny of comodo does the rest. (I use comodo as default deny, that requires some setting these days.)

This way i have a worryless, low resource using and very nice protection.

You get a lot from avast. With some own concept you dont need the most of these extras. The general antivirus section is a very good company for comodo.
If you would choose comodo antivirus, you would not have most of these “shields” anyway. So, why not un-choose the avast shields in installation that are not necessary?
Important is: Keep system protection shield.
For the rest, look if its covered allready by something else.

The pro version is a full package right? I would not recommend to use two full suites next to each other.
No spot should be managed by two processes at the same time.

To test firewalls/router