Running CD with CIS4


Anyone here using a limited account (XP) with Comodo Dragon? I can only get CD working if I set CD’s sanddbox rule to unrestricted (or disable sandbox). Am I missing something? Btw, I had to setup the sandbox rule manually. Is that correct?


its true!

comodo dragon don’t run in sandbox of CIS4

OS: windows 7 64bits

This is a known issue with ALL Chrome based browsers. It is being investigated by the devs.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks Ewen, that’s good to hear.


Strangely, CD has just started working with CIS4 and I didn’t make any changes ???.


Why would you want to run Dragon Sandboxed?

Its already sandbox’s by it self.

i have been getting strange stuff like that using my usb magicjack phone…sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt… the only pattern was disabling sandbox, then it always works…once i got it started, i could re-enable sandbox

this is interesting…didnt know that…i have it installed but dont use it much at all

I don’t, I just wanted CD to work but wouldn’t unless I added a rule manually (CD would only work when set to unrestricted, none of the other options worked) or if I disabled Sandbox completely.


Edit: When I say work, CD would load (after being prompted) but could not display any webpages.

Did CIS automatically run Dragon in the sandbox? It did/does not for me, since it recognizes Dragon as a safe application.

No, my sandbox was empty. I had to create a sandbox rule manually to browse.

It did/does not for me, since it recognizes Dragon as a safe application.

CD would load but without adding the sandbox rule manually (or disabling sandbox), I was not able to browse any websites.


You will not see it in Programs in the sandbox… What does your Defense+ log say about Dragon?

Nothing ???


If you are running Windows XP, You can use Process Explorer to identify restrictions added to a sandboxed process, you can see the Job limits of the sandboxed process.

Dragon’s job name is shown as . Is that correct?


Then I don’t understand what happens in your system. :-\

If an application is not recognized as safe, it is automatically run in the sandbox (Limited), and that is logged.

If an application is recognized as safe, it is automatically run outside the sandbox, and not affected by the sandbox settings. That is what happens in my system.

It would seem that CD is recognized as safe now as I’m not seeing any alerts but previously, CD would not browse without a rule or sandbox disabled. Very odd ???.

Are you running XP? If so, admin or limited account?


XP, admin account. :wink:

The latest CD was recognized as safe as soon as I installed it. But then CIS 4 was already installed, and the installer (signed) was trusted, and then the installed files were automatically trusted…

See also this thread.

You could have added dragon.exe to My Own Safe Files, instead of creating sandbox rules. :wink: