Running C.I.S and other AV?

Is there anybody running “full” C.I.S and using another A.V such as Avast or Antivir?

I have tried Avast 4.8 Free with CIS 3.5 full, with no problems at all. CIS on Proactive Security, D+ in Clean PC Mode, Firewall in Custom Policy Mode. Virus Defense enabled.

It is not recommended to run more than one A/V at a time but this ran for me trouble free.


Both with real time scanning enabled?

yup, and both with scheduled scans

ah so you have avast pro version

That’s funny, when I had Avast and CIS together, it was terrible.

What was C.I.S or Avast?

No, the free one. I scheduled the on demand scanner with the windows scheduler.


What about CIS and BOclean? ;D

As Jasper said, I’ve tried CIS with avast! and it worked. Jermey also said that it was a real mess on his system.
So just be aware of the risks that there may be.

Have been running CFP and later CIS alongside BOClean without a single problem for months.

I use CIS full function with Avira guard enabled.
They don’t have a collision with each other.

Me too!