Running browser in full sandbox.

Some people recommend running your browser in fully virtualized sandbox, that will protect you from drive-by downloads, exploits and other auto-running stuff.

But I find several problems with this. It’s that when you clear sandbox, if you do catch something, for example, you will loose everything that was created by the browser since first start in sandbox, like your downloaded files, bookmarks, saved passwords, coockies, browser \ addon updates.

Also if you, for example download ccleaner (or any other program) with virtualized browser, and install it, you’ll loose it as well when you clear the sandbox, since any file run from virtualized browser is also virtualized.

So, are there any workarounds about this, or do you manualy copy files from VtRoot, or what?

How do you use virtualized browser?

You could simply save downloads to the shared space. Depending on the browser you can set up synchronization so that for example bookmarks synch from sandboxed version to non-sandboxed version, cookies and such would be lost though unless you manually moved the data from VTRoot.