Running Browser and e-mail safe in the sandbox of 4.0

I want to browse safer and email safer and run the browser and email program default in the new sandbox of version 4.0, how do i set this up?

When browsing it must put all in the sandbox but downloads by me must stay on the computer after closing the browser.

e-mail must stay in the computer in the mail program but receiving mail must be save

Well something like that

under defense plus >> sandbox >> programs in the sandbox. You need to add your browser and email client here. It will then work smiler to sandboxie will all files going to C:\sandbox. I suggest you use limited.

Note chrome doesn’t work if you sandbox it.


Thanks done that.

Is my assumption correct that this protects my computer from malware intruders by email or browser?

And I downloaded a bit of software to my drive with “Down Themall” but it is not there, where does it go?

all files will be saved to the sandbox in the c drive. i think the only way to recover them in comoodo sandbox is by navigating through the sandbox when you want a file. I don’t think there is a way to automatically recover files from the sandbox that have been saved to particular folder I.E downloads like you can in sandboxie.


I checked my Xmarks sync but this is working fine inside the sandbox, thanks for the info :-TU ;D

working in the garden in the first spring sun my mind wondered of to the sandbox again. Now my browser is running is this box what about updates from Firefox, flash, Java plug-ins that come thrue the browser, will this work?

I did run it for 2 days but It isn’t possible to run Thunderbird and Firefox in a sandbox. Email will not communicate correct to the email server and give wrong info. This stops after certain time the communication and will not retrieve new email. Firefox will function wrong in almost the same way with it’s plug-ins, downloads end updates. :cry:

Yea i guess it’s because comodo sandbox isn’t designed to work like sandboxie, its just for isolating certain processes.

You could try manually copy all relevant firefox files into the sandbox and just never empty it.