running activex prohibited

have Comodo firewall installed, also have IE security settings set for running Activex, yet when i visit certain web pages i get the message, “your current security settings prohibit running Activex controls on this page. As a result, the page may not display correctly.”

is this controlled from within Comodo, and if so, where and how? i haven’t had any luck finding it.

by the way, i love the product!


Hi River, this is an IE security setting for running ActiveX. I don’t usually have any problems viewing sites with this message.

hi soyabeaner, yea i know, and i’ve checked them all, and compared them to a list of ones to have enabled and so forth, but no luck.

not a big deal, just hate the pop up message window about the “running activex prohibited”…err!

thanxz anyway

my bad…i went back and checked my security settings, and found one setting that i some how(?) overlooked, in the “Restricted Sites” section, and that’s what messed me up, because the web page i was viewing i never thought about it being considered a restricted site (a windows performance tweak site).

sorry for the post/confussion(my part)

Ah yes. That was going to be my other suggestion. I use Spybot Immunize function, which assigns bad sites in the Restricted zones, and that would explain that pop-up sometimes as well. Well, at least we know the answer.

yep, spybot here too