rundll.exe tries to start various applications...

I don t know how to judge this defense alerts - rundll.exe tries to start several apllications, last “R4 uninstall”
R4 the deinstaller from a visualization program.
12/29/09 01:44:43 C:\Windows\System32\rundll32.exe Prozess starten, Speicherabbild ausführen (start process, run dump) C:\Program Files (x86)\R4\uninstall.exe
Its just one example out of many tries, so I would like to know whats happening.
It always happen when I am afk for a ca 5 minutes, and when I am back, a defense alert is popped up… thats whats makes me wonder. If anyone could help me with that issue I would be glad!

You are most likely on Win7. Read this topic: .

You probably signed up the Application Experience during the installation of Win 7 allowing it to send anonymous information to Microsoft? It was much more active during the test perdiod of Win 7.