RunDLL Error on Startup

I am having a little problem with my system. I once had a Defence+ Alert that Rundll.32 was trying to execute the flile “C:\Program Files\ThinkPad\Utilities\PWRMGRTR.DLL”, and I clicked to block the action. A quick google search later showed that the PWRMGRTR.DLL is a legitimate Power Manager that comes with ThinkPad laptops and should not be blocked.

Now, everytime on start up, I get a pop up alert that RUNDLL could not start “C:\Program Files\ThinkPad\Utilities\PWRMGRTR.DLL”. How can I enable it so that the RUNDLL can run it on start up?

I have clicked around on the Defence+ window, but haven’t found how to solve this problem.
Would be grateful for any helps.

Hello all,

I solved it by following the advice given here, see the last comment on that page.

This solved an error I was having. I never knew I blocked a dll, but at least I could unblock it.

Thanks for the link!