RUNDELL.32 help

Some where whose rundell.32 delete on my pc when i download polar golf fore free trial , so i hope some can tell me where i can fix it back. Thanks fore your help . pleace send it to my e-mail :smiley:

Hi johwa, welcome to the forums.

RUNDELL.32 doesn’t sound like a genuine Windows file to me. Although, the name is very similar to RUNDLL32.EXE which is a genuine Windows component. Is this what you meant?

In addition, if where are talking about RUNDLL32.EXE then you really should not trust, or accept, any file that some stranger sends to you by email. That’s a very risky thing to do. In any event, to get the right EXE you will need to know & state your Operating System and Service Pack. This EXE is different across OSes and Service Packs. Besides… you really must already have it, it’s a fairly major Windows component (it allows 32bit DLL’s to be executed without the use of any other EXE). If the file is really called RUNDELL.32… then I think you should be suspicious of the Golf program and/or you current system status (with regards to infection).