rundall 32 exe

Every time my screen saver operates i get a popup “rundall 32 exe”.
This seems to be a permanent problem that i can’t stop no matter what i do.
If anybody has any ideas as to how i stop it please advise as it is beginning to annoy me.
My operating system is Windows 7 RC and
Comodo Firewall and Defense +
Avira Premium.
Thanks and Regards.

Sorry bad spelling
Rundll 32 exe

I get pop ups from the firewall several times a day for rundll. It wants to phone home to Microsoft on a secured connection using port 443.

If I understand things correctly any program can call rundll32.exe to run a dll making it a security risk to blindly allow.

What happens when you allow rundll32.exe to start the process it wants to start and then let it remember your answer?

I’m sorry,i don’t understand your last sentance.

I'm sorry,i don't understand your last sentance.

Whenever you get an alert from rundll32, if you tell it to Allow and remember, what happens, is there a log entry, and new entry in Computer Security…

I allow and remember
There is a log entry and a new entry in computer security.
I did have this problem before with my W7 computer but eventually the problem went away but returned when i installed a later version of CIS.I had to uninstall CIS because of a conflict with another program so now i just use Comodo Firewall and Defense+ and Avira Premium