Run Trusted Applications in Sandbox Generates Alerts


Every time I run a Trusted application in the sandbox it generates both HIPS and firewall alerts.

For example, launch browser from widget will generate firewall alert.

In alert I select “Remember my answer” and rule is created; I select “Treat as Browser.”

However, when I re-launch browser still get firewall alert… CIS does not apply rule that was created previously.

Is this a known issue or by design ?

It seems that if a rule has been created, then an alert should not re-appear when re-launch Trusted App in sandbox.

In fact, I wouldn’t think that any Trusted application would generate any alerts if run sandboxed.



I am not able to reproduce your issue, are you sure remember my answer is checked when you chose allow or treat as? also check the firewall application rules to see a rule is created after answering an alert.

Yes. I have verified…

  1. “Remember my answer” is checked
  2. Both HIPS and firewall rules are created.

However, when re-launch Trusted application in sandbox, new alerts are generated - despite the previously created rules.

One other person is reporting this is also the case on his system.

Can someone chime-in and give feedback: is this by design or a minor bug ???



Like I said, I’m not getting alerts after are rules defined. So I’m going to say this is a minor bug and maybe try to do a clean uninstall/re-install to see if it fixes the issue for you.

Hello futuretech,

Did clean install of both Windows OS and CIS.

No fix.

Issue only occurs with Trusted app when run in sandbox.

I’m trying to check around to see if I can find more users that are experiencing the same issue.



Does the question window include ~1 or something in the path name?

No. It isn’t path related.

I’m going to make a video and post it.

Best Regards,