Run in sandbox right click

I have been away from the windows world for a couple of years ( while learning and using linux, basicly: I got to be sort of a Linux nerd :stuck_out_tongue: ) But suddenly I have started to long for some good old fashioned security software (I am not so Linux savvy yet so I can contribute to development in a meaningful way) So I returned to windows.
Right now I am testing all the Internet security suites that is out there trying to decide which one to use. I have noticed that all of them have evolved dramatically since I tried them or their equivalents back then. Back in the day (2009) I remember Comodo with love :slight_smile: So now time has come to test Comodo IS Premium.

So far I really like it. It seems that Comodo has rose up to the top in security suites :-TU even when it comes to viruses(!?) And it is not as “annoying” as it was back then. It has more intelligence nowadays (even though back then I loved to see what happened “behind my back” so to speak. Nowadays I just want a software to do its job and shut up :stuck_out_tongue:
CIS does not slow down surfing/downloading the web in any way. Nor does it seem to have any noticable impact on system resources.

One whish I have is that there would be an option to choose to run any executable in a sandbox via right click. Like in Sandboxie. Maybe even install a software virtually and later decide if I want to implement it in my setup, that would be awesome. As far I can see I can only choose to run some executables in a sandbox using the right click.

You can run any executable in the sandbox with a right-click. However, you can’t right-click on an executables shortcut and have it open in the sandbox.

Version 6 is due out soon, and I expect there will be many sandbox improvements.