Run -h switch/GUI won't minimize

I’ve noticed just lately that whenever I log in the COMODO Firewall window opens maximized instead of minimizing to the tray as it always had done before.

I checked several old posted threads and tried all of the suggestions to no avail:
1.) The program already Runs with the -h switch.
2.) I have not updated the program lately. But, I’m running version 3.5.57173.439
3.) I attempted to uncheck/recheck the box that says to load COMODO at startup, but received the error message that I needed to have Administrator right. I do. I’m the only account. However, I accessed the hidden Admin account, but got the same message.

Any suggestions are more than welcome. This isn’t fatal, it’s just a minor annoyance. But, if there is a fix I’d love to know it.

Also, I apologize for repeating anything covered before, so feel free to merge this post. However, all of the other postings I found were fairly ancient & none of the fixes offered worked. Or, did I miss something critical?


Hi Coelacanth64,welcome to the forums,are you running XP or Vista?(you may need to right click on the shortcut and select run as administrator) I`m not a Vista user.

Could you have a look at the following registry key using regedit.

Navigate to the key My Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run

Double click on the entry COMODO Internet Security and in the “Value data:” box you should have---->

“C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe” -h

Try deleting what`s in there and copy/paste exactly whats above(including the quotes) and hit OK

Feel free to post anything your not sure on,let us know if it works,


ps you may need admin rights for this in Vista(only realised after 88) )

I’m doing my IT gig at the moment, but as soon as I get home I’ll give your suggestion a try.
Oh, & I’m using WXPSP2.



O.K., I just tried the suggested fix. It had no effect other than to launch a COMODO startup splash screen which then disappeared. But, the COMODO control panel opened maximized and stayed open. Strange.


Hi, new user here. Just wanted to chime in on this thread that in about a week’s usage of CIS Firewall and Defense + (not using CAV), I have the same conditions posted by Coelacanth64. It’s never operated any differently for me, and I did find it to be an extra step on login. I’ve tried the same things Coelacanth64 did, and ditto for Matty_R’s regedit suggestion.

Current status: With CIS in Startup folder, CIS opens, remains maximized and the tray icon appears. When I click on minimize, it goes to the taskbar. If I click on close, the tray icon gives a balloon message that CIS is still running.

Version: 3.5.57173.439 WINXP2SP2

Looks like a great suite overall, very robust!

Thanks, Kenny

It has been reported in the past that there was a double entry for CIS/CPF3 in msconfig which caused this problem.

Yes, there are two entries.
One says, “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe” -h
The other, C:\Program Files\COMODO|Firewall\cfp.exe

If I try to disable either one I get a message indicating that I don’t have Admin rights, even if I log in as Administrator.
This also happens if I try to change the Start COMODO with Windows check box in the COMODO control panel.

I unchecked the second entry in msconfig/startup, got the above error message & rebooted. COMODO did not load at all, but msconfig opened with the same error message as above.

Very weird. Could an option be added to some future update to run COMODO minimized?


I presume you had CPF3 install at one time this entry [C:\Program Files\COMODO|Firewall\cfp.exe] should have been removed when you installed CIS.
Could you please check if you have this entry in Program Files [COMODO|Firewall\cfp.exe] in Windows explorer.

The first [C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe" -h] is the correct one for CIS you should be able to remove the second one without errors.

O.K., now I think the light just went on.
I only have CPF3 installed. The RUN entry for CIS I wrote myself after the suggestion by Matty_R.
Now I understand why there is no CIS in Program Files. Boy, do I feel stupid.

So, if I install CIS & delete CPF3 should the -h switch work?? I know nothing about CIS, though.
According to the web site it looks similar to CPF3? Yes?? Will it have to relearn everything CPF3 has already logged?

O.K., after research…CIS adds AV.


If you actual wrote the run entry I would remove it, and alter the other one to include -h it must be there somewhere.
You can also uninstall CPF3 and install CIS.
When installing CIS you can choose what you want firewall or firewall/defence+ or firewall/defence+/antivirus.

Can do, but if I install CIS (which I will do):
1.) When I install CIS won’t it re-enter that line? If I just left it there would it create a problem?
2.) When I uninstall CPF3 it will delete the non -h entry? Yes?

Is there any reason not to install CIS instead of CPF3. I’m using AVG free at the moment. Can I just delete that too and use the AV function of CIS? Does AVG conflict with the non-AV enabled CIS?


P.S. Thanks for all of the assistance. COMODO seems to be a product I can easily recommend to all my IT & non-IT buddies.

This from my reg with CIS installed.
“C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe” -h
So to 1.) Yes

2.) It should but there have been problems with some computers, please check it is gone.
I never have had problems, only leaves the Legacy Keys which is normal.
I generally uninstall in Safe mode (F8) less or no chance of conflicts with the uninstaller.

You can still use AVG if you want, whilst you do not install the antivirus part of CIS, you can install it at any time afterwards if you change your mind by just running the installer again no need to uninstall.
AVG as far as I know does not conflict have not seen any posts saying this recently.

If you are willing to wait a while there is a new CIS in beta at the moment with quite a few improvements to be release soon.

Thanks again.

I downloaded the CIS installer & put it on my thumb drive here at the shop. When I get home I’ll uninstall CPF3 & install CIS & see if it minimizes at startup. If there’s a CIS update coming I’ll do that, too, when it’s ready. I assume there is no significant problem with the current version?

Is there any way to save the Firewall database from CPF3? Or, is that more bother than it’s worth?


I would do a System Restore point a image would better if you can.

It is the same as CPF3 most users are alright, some though do suffer with BSOD.

You can save the configuration file in Miscellaneous, but there can be problems with this as the install path is different in CIS.

Uninstalled CPF3, installed CIS. Selected the firewall option only, for now.
So far all is fine. No BSOD.
But, I’m running this on an XP partition on my MacBook Pro. I imaged both partitions last week.
So, if I have problems I’ll just roll things back.

Thanks for the patient assistance. I can heartily recommend COMODO.