run from a batch file

I am trying to run an schedule (manual) back up from a batch file, with the command…
“C:\Program Filehs\COMODO\COMODO BackUp\CBU.exe” S 63245386590. This opens CBU but the script does not run. I am sure that I have done this succesfully before. I have also substituted “S” with “runbackup” and other scheduled options, all without success.

Can anyone offer any ideas where I am gong wrong.

Windows XP SP3,
CIS 3.13,
CTM Beta,
CBU 2.1.118414.11



The correct syntax is “…\cbu.exe /runbackup 123456789” where 123456789 is a valid backup ID.

The backup will run silently if performed from batch file/command line with /runbackup command. If logging option is enabled you can check the log file.

Thank you. It worked.

I forgot to say, it also helps to put the proper ID number in as well!!