Run CIS minimized at startup? [RESOLVED]

Just installed the new CIS and have noticed that on each restart, I get the COMODO Summary screen opened by default.

Is there any way to return to the “old” days when COMODO started minimized? A small issue, to be sure, but it’s annoying to have to close it every time the computer is booted or rebooted.


It should start minimized to tray by default. If you check the path of the startup entry, does it say -h after the path?

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First, yes, the “-h” was there.

Second, I think the problem centered around the fact that my CFP was updated by the system and something didn’t work properly. I completely uninstalled CFP/CIS, then did a clean re-install of CIS and the problem vanished - CIS now starts minimized.

I think pumping out the CIS upgrade to everyone using CFP was a mistake (if some of the other messages on the forum are taken into account). Wouldn’t it have been better to send out an email to all of the users, notifying them of the new software along with a warning to UNINSTALL THE PREVIOUS VERSION before installing CIS?

Anyway, thanks for your help. :■■■■


I’m glad to hear you solved it, and I agree with you that the distribution hasn’t really worked well.

As it’s resolved now I’ll go ahead and lock the topic. To open it again - PM any moderator! :SMLR